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Composite Fillings

Repairing your teeth does not need to mean metal or silver fillings. At the Center for Restorative, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry, we offer composite fillings that match the color of your teeth. Whether you need a cavity filled, a tooth repaired or want to cosmetically alter your teeth, we offer composite resin that will make your smile healthy and keep it looking its best.

Metal or amalgam fillings use metals like silver and mercury to repair teeth. While these materials have been used for many decades to fill cavities or cracks in teeth, they are not aesthetically pleasing. They leave a gray or silver appearance to your teeth. Composite fillings are a more natural option that can also be less stressful on the tooth structure. The filling material can be color-matched to your teeth to blend into your smile. It is almost impossible to see composite fillings once they are in place, helping keep your smile completely white and beautiful.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite fillings are made from a special dental resin. Made from plastics and ceramic blends, composite resin is easily formed to repair teeth. It can be applied in layers to restore missing tooth material. Each layer is cured and hardened with a light designed for this application. This is used for typical fillings and repairs, but resin is also used in dental bonding. Chipped or gapped teeth can be cosmetically repaired using the resin. This can be a quick fix for dental flaws as the procedure can be done in one visit to our office.

Keep your smile white and beautiful with the help of composite fillings. When you need a dental repair, or you want to cosmetically enhance your smile, contact the Center for Restorative, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry today to schedule an appointment. We offer composite fillings and dental bonding using white resin to improve the health and beauty of your smile.